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Dutch Treat Pic.jpg

Dutch Treat

Ensemble 10/10 (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra)

Rob Buckland (Saxophone)

Clark Rundell (Conductor)


Appears as: Composer

Reflections: Rush Hour and 30,000 Reflections

Appears alongside works by Gary Carpenter and Graham Fitkin


Kaleidoscope Saxophone Quartet


Appears as: Composer


Appears alongside works by Jonny Greenwood, John 'Rittipo'-Moore, Oliver Christophe Leith

Electric Dawn

Alastair Penman (Saxophone)


Appears as: Composer


Appears alongside works by Marius Neset, Graham Fitkin, Daniel Harle

Level 1

Lucan Mills (Rap Artist)


Appears as: Saxophonist